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ARLINE ISAACSON LED LOBBYING FOR America's first same-sex marriage breakthrough in Massachusetts, and was named to Boston Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful” list. She was Director of Governmental Affairs for the City of Boston, President of what's now the Massachusetts Budget & Policy Center, lobbied for the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and worked with Phelps-Stokes to launch their African Ethical Leadership Institute.

HER EXPERIENCE INCLUDES alternative energy, digital privacy, labor and management, health care and insurance, pensions, tax policy, permitting, marijuana policy, LGBT equality, women's rights, K-12 and higher education. 

She's taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School, lectures at Boston University, Tufts, Brandeis, Suffolk Law, New England Law, and is a sought-after commentator in media. 

ISAACSON POLITICAL CONSULTING PROVIDES access to the right elected officials, opinion leaders, and the media. She handles legislative and regulatory change, coalition building, and outreach to influential community leaders. 

If you need lobbying, media relations, community outreach, business and organizational connections, Arline will offer you a plan — with options — and implement it start to finish.

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